The Best Week Ever

Friday, January 12, 2007 | 17 comment(s)

Please accept my apologies (especially Nic) in advance.
I am bragging. No body likes a braggard, I know, but I'm just too damn happy.

This past week1, my body has seen the best blood sugars since more than 1,404 weeks (i.e., ~27 years) ago. That is to say, I don't think that I've had blood sugars like this since I was 5 years old!

I'm pretty friggin' excited by this:

Somewhere around Tuesday, I was starting to think:
"Hey, I'm doing pretty good!"

By Wednesday afternoon, I was thinking:
"Holy Shit! I haven't had a reading above 200 in the past 3 days! That's amazing!"

By Thursday night, I actually said to Meg:
"Not to jinx myself, but I haven't had a blood sugar reading over 200. I'm hoping I can keep it that way through the rest of the week."

I said that to her as I was heading out of the house to meet up with a friend for a beer in what we dubbed "The Grey's Escape."
I Just Don't Get It
How can so many people like a show that is SO DAMN AWFUL??? And why is the entire cohort of 20-40 year old US women (or so it seems) so obsessed with it? The end is neigh, I can just feel it.

I was at 115 mg/dl before leaving the house. I drank 1.5 beers (A locally brewed Hook & Ladder wheat beer). I only bolused 1u (which should cover approximately 12CHO), and sure-as-shit (what a strange idiom to choose), when I got home and tested before bed, I was at 234 mg/dl.

I was totally bummed.

And I felt a little bummed again when a random test 1 hr. after breakfast came in at 204 on this morning.

But I'm not going to let these two (TWO!) readings above 200 get me down.
No way, no how.

This is still the best I've done. Ever.

An average of 119, is just shockingly incredible for me. I've just never thought it was humanly possible for me to have blood sugars like this. And standard deviations below 30 for Monday-Wednesday. Unbelievable. Truly.

I've got another month until my next A1c test, and I say:
"Bring it on!"

I may have slipped up a bit over the holidays, but I'm looking forward to putting in a strong 4th quarter / 9th inning / third trimester / home stretch / or some other appropriate (perhaps sports-related, perhaps not) analogy.

Here's the secret of my (ever-so-fleeting) success:

  1. Maintain a relatively constant schedule, with as little stress and aberration as possible
  2. Eat the same breakfast
    Breakfast Menu

    • 1 8oz. Giant Light Yogurt: 20CHO
      (preferrably vanilla, strawberry, peach, or lemon flavored)
    • 1/2 cup of Fiber One cereal: 25CHO, but with 15g of fiber, so only 10 Net CHO)

    each day
  3. Eat the same lunch
    Lunch Menu

    • 1 Ham & Cheese sandwich with mustard and spinach: 34CHO
    • 1 medium D'Anjou pear
    • ~4oz. baby carrots (aka: the veal of vegetables)
    • 1 24 fl. oz. Diet Coke

    each day
  4. Eat the same dinner for 3 of the nights, too (beef stew)
  5. Hover at around 90-95% recovery from a kick-ass cold
  6. Skip all exercising because of head cold, and
  7. Maintain the "No Sweets Holiday Challenge" (NSHC)

It's kind of a boring existance. And the absence of stress is a ridiculous notion, really, for most anyone for any amount of time. And I really don't recommend not exercising for any length of time, either. But coming home and making a fire each night and reading a book hasn't been such a bad way to spend my time. And if I'm going to get a bonus of blood sugars like these... well you know, something about where not to look when someone gives you a donkey, or a horse, or something like that.

1) To be fair, this isn't really a full calendar week, but just a "work week," but I'm not going to get too picky. Though my blood sugars are usually much more erratic over the weekend, so I don't imagine this will be as nice a picture come Monday morning...

17 Comment(s):

Blogger Vivian said...

Congrats! That is awesome. Here is to those kinds of numbers over the next month.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

How are we supposed to achieve those sorts of results when we don't have 5-10% of a cold? No fair, I say! ;)

Congrats, though. What great numbers.

Blogger Lyrehca said...

Very nice! I've been following numbers 2 and 3 for a few years now, and it makes a huge difference when food intake is similar day to day.

Blogger Johnboy said...

Jay, very awesome, indeed! But no exercise? lol

Great job, dude, however you did it!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been following numbers 2 and 3 for most of my life--I'm a "creature of habit" as they say. There was a point in elementary school when I had my mom make me american cheese sandwiches on white wonder bread for lunch every day for over two years (yes, gross!). But it definitely helps d-wise (especially for breakfast).

Blogger mel said...

Very nice! When I was on NPH and Humalog trying to get my A1C down from a higher 8, I used to eat the same thing for breakfast everyday (nutra grain bar). I don't think I'd like to do it again!

And, let it be known, I'm 25 and have NEVER watched that show.

Blogger Molly said...

I just looked at my average, and found it to be 121 this week. (thanks to your logbook-Thanks!) I eat the same breakfast and lunch every week day. Guess I'm not easily bored. It's so much easier. No brains needed most of the time.
How do you show a page of the logbook on your site?

Blogger Scott K. Johnson said...

Veerrry Niiicccee!!

Man - that is one sweet looking sheet man!!!

Way to go!!

Blogger Bec said...

Hi Kevin, I'm new here and really just doing one of those odd blog hops where one blog leads to another, you know? What led me here was a reference on another blog to your spreadsheet. My husband is a Type 1 diabetic and also a spreadsheet-freak. I had a look through your blog but could only see screenshots and wondered if you had discussed your spreadsheet in more detail anywhere so I could get Chris to have a look at it? He's been using a simple spreadsheet for some time now but (with three kids) I know he's never had the time he wants to really play around and get the format how he wants it!! If you wouldn't mind sharing more information we'd be grateful. My email should appear on my Blogger profile if you click on my name/icon.

Thanks in advance!

Blogger Chrissie in Belgium said...

Pls forgive me, I am just hopping right in and not reading past posts - there are just too many. I am very happy that you are doing so well. Honestly, don't you FEEL better and isn't that the biggest motivation for continuing? Eating the same stuff and following the same schedule as much as possible - I know it sounds boring but this is the only way I have found to get good results. Also I agree on exercise - you need it but it sure fucks up the D! Oh it is so nice to talk with you guys again! You can keep Christmas!

Blogger cc said...

yes, i like your spreadsheets! do tell how to make them!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ditto! Love the spreadsheet! Can you share it?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

No apologies necessary! What's fun about success if you can't share it? Congratulations!

Blogger Kerri. said...

Congrats, Kevin! Awesome numbers. And yes, please brag when bragging is so justified. :)

Blogger George said...

Kevin! Those are awesome numbers man! I am very happy for you.

Keep up the good work!

Blogger Sarah said...

Awesome Kevin. I had a couple of weeks like that then got a virus that clued me in with icky blood sugars all of the sudden. I’m evening back out, but that was over two weeks ago now! That is a great feeling though, to have the blood sugars good.

Blogger Nina said...

Great numbers! I east the same breakfast & lunch everydaqy and I rotate a few different dinners. It really helps. I get so excited when I hear about other people doing that too! Honestly, I get a little stressed when I have to try to figure out something else to eat since I have put so much effort into figuring out the carb to insulin ration for my routine meals. I'm definitely comfortable being a creature of habit!

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