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Some of you know about the Excel logbook I created a little over a year ago. While I was working remotely with Gary Scheiner, I needed to record my blood sugars in detail and email them to him on a regular basis. I started off using one of his logbooks designed in Microsoft Word, but that became cumbersome to work with. I had also recently (at the time) purchased a bunch of "My Other Checkbooks"
An Offer
I have 11 of these taking up space in a closet. If anyone would like to try them out, just drop me a line and they're yours.

to try out. And while I liked the notion of simultaneously graphing and recording blood sugar readings, the whole notion of actually having to draw the graph yourself seemed pretty implausible to me (I think I only drew one). Thus I started designing a logbook in Microsoft Excel. I was pretty familiar with Excel, I have a pretty close eye to consistent layout and details, and after several hours of work, the first version of my logbook was born.

I initially shared it with Scott,
Thank you
I think it's a coin toss whether Scott or Chrissie in Belgium is the biggest fan of the logbook. But no doubt, Scott flaunts it the most and fields a TON of requests for it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

and since then have shared it with almost 100 other folks in the Diabetes OC (and otherwise). The feedback I've received from the people I've shared this with has been incredibly, incredibly generous.

I can't say this enough: "You are all very, very welcome."
The feeling I get knowing that this little thing I created is helping folks deal with their diabetes is just about the best.

Because I'm a programmer by day and keep a lot of my work under version control,
I'm pretty partial to Subversion as a version control software.

It's open source and free (nice). And with Tortoise SVN, it integrates directly with Windows Explorer (also nice). It works beautifully for small and large computer code projects (including web pages) as well as any other type of group project that evolves over time and that you might want to have record of *every* iteration you've gone through to get to your current version.

In programming (and web design, in particular), it is not uncommon to thoroughly break something while you're "improving" it. To have the ability to go back to your previous version and figure out what went wrong, is Invaluable.

Also, if you work collaboratively with a group of folks on a project and you're constantly naming your files with suffixes like "_kevin_090107" and then someone has to synchronize changes from multiple people into a single file, then version control software can save a ton of headaches.

In short:
"I love it, I love it, I love it, I love it!"

as things get updated, tweaked, and improved, I try to keep track of the changes and tag them. It's somewhat arbitrary when enough changes have accumulated and you decide to name a new version, or what name you give to the current version, but this one is a little cheeky/geeky (And Damn!, if that's not the best visualization for a mathematical constant I've ever seen!).

Previously, I had four summary charts produced for each week:
Weekday Hourly Average Bloodsugars ("Weekday Avg")

Weekday Lines ("Weekday Lines")

Weekend Hourly Average Bloodsugars ("Weekend Avg")

All Week Hourly Average ("Week Avg")

The major changes I've made to the logbook is to include three new charts:
All Week Line Chart ("Week Line")

Distribution of Readings by Time of Day ("Pie Time").

Distribution of All Readings ("Pie All")

If anyone would like this new version of my logbook, just ask (nicely). I'll be more than happy to send you a copy of it. (Oh yeah, I also have a version in mmol/l for our friends to the North, Down Under, or Across the Pond, so please let me know if you'd like it in that flavor).

While overall I'm pretty pleased with the logbook I created, I really wish that I had the skills and the time to develop something more along the lines of SugarStats or Diabetes Logbook X (for Mac users). If you haven't seen these yet, I encourage you to check these out as well.

There was a great quote by renowned author James S. Hirsch in the most recent DiaTribe that really rung my bell (DiaTribe is really worth checking out if you haven't seen it yet).

But if you believe that diabetes is an endless dance to the same old song, we now have some new partners who can engage, enrapture, and even awe us, long into the night.

-James S. Hirsch

Although he was talking about insulin pumps and CGM systems, I think that it can be extrapolated to logbooks (or practically any diabetes related product) as well. Mix it up, try new things, because we're going to be doing this for a long time. If you fall off the logbook wagon, try a new wagon. What ever works. Stamina is a big part of this game.

There are (of course) pros-and-cons with all of these logbooks but keeping track of blood sugars, exercise, carbohydrate intake, boluses, basal rates, and tracking patterns and keeping on top of or improving all of these is critical to "managing" your diabetes. Try one out. If it works for you, great. If not, find something else that works. If one works for a while and then starts to fizzle, try another one. Perhaps it'll know a new dance step or two to keep you going for a while longer.

A Nowhere Near Complete Comparison of Logbooks

SugarStats Logbook X
Kevin's Logbook
Store data online


Need to install new

Use widely available

Record A1cs/Doctor's

Hold more than a
week's worth of data

Has a chart called
"Pie Time"


288 Comment(s):

Blogger Major Bedhead said...

Hey, Kevin. I've been using your log sheet for a while now and love it. It bowled over Olivia's CDE, too, which is always kind of cool. I'd love a copy of the New And Improved log.

book _ ish at yahoo dot com

if you'd be so kind. Thanks!

Blogger Chrissie in Belgium said...

Oh yes please, I would definitely like your newer version - you know I am a HUGE fan of your log sheets!!!!! You are just SO wonderful! THANK YOU KEVIN!

Blogger Lili said...

I would love to use it!

Blogger jill. said...

Kevin, you rock! Could I have a copy of version pi?

My endo loves you.

Blogger Christine said...

Hey Kevin, I love your logbook. I think it's awesome how well it works with averages and charts. I'd love to check out the new version. The Problem I have that's pushed me toward using LogBook X is that my endo wants to be able to see all of my insulin doses and all of my blood sugars without looking at just one day at a time. Otherwise I'd be all over it cause I like it better than I like LogBook X. You're so right about the James Hirsch quote applying. Thank you for providing this wonderful service to all of us.

Blogger Travis said...

I also would love to get my grubby cyberpaws on this new version. Hopefully it will rejuvenate my record-keeping habits, at least for a while.
traviswentworth at gmail

Blogger Carol said...

Hi Kevin,

I've read about it, I've heard others rave about it, I've seen pictures of it, and I would love to have it. Yes, I'm talking about your Excel log. Any chance you would share it with me? I'ma pumper, an infrequent blogger and more infrequent logger, but hoping this might help me track and tweak. My e-mail is Thanks!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are freaking amazing!!

About 6 months ago, my A1C went down a FULL POINT! When my endo asked me how, I said 'cause I started logging!

Forget helping us log, do you know how many peoples' health and life spans you have changed? Amazing!

So, about that new version... saraknic at sbcglobal dot net :)

Blogger Kevin said...

Julia & Jill: I am very glad that your CDE/endo loves the logbook -- but don't underestimate the hard work you've both done recording all your data -- these things are damn near worthless when they're empty!

Chrissie: YOU ARE WELCOME! I am so glad you like these so much!

Lili, Christine-megan, Travis, and Carol: A copy should be showing up in your in-boxes shortly.

And Sara: No way I'm taking any credit for your A1c dropping a FULL POINT. That's Awesome! It's all you.

Blogger Kevin said...

Oh yeah, and Lili: could you send me an email address to send it to?

Blogger Molly said...

Use it. Love it. You're the man. I'd love the new copy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

... and when you open version 3.14 it becomes 3.141, hahaha!

Love it!

Blogger Pearlsa said...

Hi Kevin, I would love the new upgraded version Please, in mmol.

You rock!!


Blogger Scott K. Johnson said...

Yes, I am a BIG FAN of your logbook. It helps me a great deal, and is so easy to use.

I'd like the new version in mmol because I LOVE doing extra math in my head to convert it back to mg/dl.

KIDDING! Please forward along a mg/dl version to me. sjohnson at

Thanks a million Kevin!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your logbook is a BIG part of why I've kept up with my logging. Add me to the list of people who would love the new version.
Muchas gracias!!

Blogger Heidi said...

Your logbook was good before, and your newest version seems even better! I've send you an e-mail requesting a copy of it :-)

Thank you for the effort you've put into generating it, and generously sharing it for others to get an overview of their D management!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would love a copy of your log sheet-I've heard of it and decided to track it down. This is the first time I ever posted-ever!Thank you!

Blogger Vivian said...

I just do not know where we would be without your log program. I would love to have the new version, if you would be so kind.=) Thank you so much for all you do.
vivschaff at aol dot com

Anonymous Anonymous said...

we would love to try these charts for our 10year old. she is on a pump now and it would make looking for trends very handy


John Mcleod

Blogger Laura said...


I, too, would love a copy of your "new" version! I have the old version, and I really have found it helpful as I've worked on getting myself in better control. Thanks so much :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I LOVE your log and would definitely appreciate the new version. Thanks so much for sharing!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin. I would be really greatful if you could / would e-mail me a copy of your latest log sheet. I'm in the UK (mmol/L) if thats possible.

Thank you sooooo much


Blogger T1 in Japan said...

Kevin, I have heard (well, read) so many good things about your logbook, and I HAVE gone off the wagon since starting to pump (I guess I just figured the pump would do it all! :p ). Could I please get a copy of the latest and greatest? I'm SURE you are more than busy now, so whenever you get a chance is great. Mil gracias and arrigato! Renée (and the address is mernulty at hotmail)

Blogger Donna said...

I would love to have a copy of your logbook. I love working on excel (although I'm just a novice) so this sounds like fun to me. LOL! Thanks so much.

Blogger Unknown said...

Kevin, I would love the newest cheeky/geeky version of your log book. It may just be the inspiration I need to log well. My email is

Thank you so very much. This is wonderful.

Blogger floreksa said...

Oh, I loved the old version, can't wait for the new!!!

When you get a spare minute (its ok if its not for another year or two! CONGRATULATIONS!!!) could I get a copy?

Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Kevin, I just happened upon your site. I am eager to explore. Could you send me your logbook as well? Many thanks.


Blogger Unknown said...

I would love a copy of this log book!

I just saw this over at Scotts diabetes blog, and it looks great.

Do the stats print out easily to share with my doctor? Can I log my daily weight in it? The foods I eat?

Blogger Samantha said...

Hi Kevin! I'm a newbie to the blog world, but not to diabetes.... and I LOVE the look of your logbook... would you mind sending it to me too? And congrats on the new kiddos - they are adorable! I'm currently 32 weeks with our first! Thanks SO much!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin,

This is my first time on your blog, I love it, and your kids are adorable!

I've been struggling to find a good system for an electronic logbook, I've been playing around with my own versions on excel and have come close, but I still haven't found the perfect mix.

I would love a copy of your logbook if you are still willing to share. I live up north here in chilly Canada, so if you could send me the mmol version, I'd appreciate it.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Keven,
If you are so inclined, may I please have a copy of your logbook too?
I am brand new at this diabetic adventure, and have already tried numerous was to log, with none of them being "the right fit".
Yours looks as if it may just work for me!

Blogger JasmyneW said...

I'd love to try your logbook! If you're still supporting it, would you mind sending it to me at Thanks!!!! - Jasmyne W

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Kevin,

I've just come across this info about your Excel file for diabetic stats. I would like very much to have a copy if it's still available, please. If you can send it in "mmol", it will match how I measure my Blood Sugars. Thank you very much in advance. Michael -

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there Kevin, have reqad many comments about your spreadsheet prowess and would love to have a copy if possible. I live in New Zealand so the mmol copy would be great.
Email address is john.mccready at xtra dot co dot nz
thanks in anticipation

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My wife was just diagnosed with type one, I'd love a copy of your spreadsheets as she's logging everything on a notepad at the moment.

thank you :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin,

Thank you for writing about this and creating a tool that you are willing to pass on to others. If it isn't a problem, would you mind sending me a copy of your log book as well? I'd love SOMETHING to help me organize better, you can't rely on the monitor all the time!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin, thanks for your effort in putting together this logbook! Can I please get a copy of it?



Blogger Bookdwarf said...

Hi Kevin,
I'm intrigued by your log book and would love to give it a try.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin! I'm a "new" diabetic, and was quite cowed by trying to make my own Excel log. Someone recommended yours, so I shot on over and am begging for a copy! Pleeeeeez!

Much xoxo and gratitude!

prozacwoman at gmail dot com

Blogger Christopher A. Wheeler said...

Hello, I've never used your old version, but I'd be interested in trying it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kevin, that logbook looks AWESOME!!! I use SugarStats and export the data into an Excel spreadsheet, but I'm clueless about creating graphs and pie charts like you have!! Could you possibly send me a copy of the logbook if you have a moment? I know you are busy with your little ones :), but I would REALLY appreciate it if I could get my hands on a copy!!!
Thank you so much!
Katie I.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

D'oh-- I forgot to give you my email address! Sheesh, that'll teach me to type a comment when I'm tired! My email is If you could send it to me I would be forever grateful!
Katie I.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey there, i am looking for a excel sheet to log my bg everyday, can you send me your log sheet? my email is thanks :)

- Fernando

Blogger TG7707 said...

Hi Kevin, Pleeeeze can I have it as well, in mmol thanx. email todg at

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kevin, I have been searching for a simple way to log. I would love to try a copy of your New and Improved log. It sounds awesome!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh I forgot to mention I am in Canada so i would need the other readings


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kevin -

I just stumbled upon your blog - I've tried (unsuccessfully) to come up with a spreadsheet to chart my BGs and was hoping you might share your Excel spreadsheet to yet another person :).

Keeping track in an old-school paper notebook has helped some just by going thru the routine to log the information...but would really like to chart/graph things out.

My UltraSmart does provide the ability to log exercise and meals, but I find it to be too awkward (feels too much like text messaging...and require that I get my specs on to work on the tiny screen !).

Thanks for what you do here...I'll be back.

My email addr is


Blogger Unknown said...

hi kevin,

i was googling various logbook online and by far yours seems very complete. Can you send me a copy at sokrin at gmail dot com?


Blogger Erin said...

Can I get a copy of this logbook? Detailed graphs are the one thing I've been wanting that none of the software I've used (particularly SugarStats) provides.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My 13 yr old daughter was just diagnosed W/ type 1 diabetes.
Would you please email me your log book ?


Blogger Melissa Lee said...

I hear rave reviews about your logbooks. Send, please?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin,
I found my way to your website and I am wondering if i can get an excel copy of your log? Thanks so much, Connie

Blogger kat(i)e and devin said...


I've created some logsheets but this one is by far the best I've seen. Could you possibly send me a copy, please?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin.
Came across your blog while doing a search for Diabetic logbooks/charting summaries, etc.

Everyone seems to rave about what you have designed. I looked at SugarStats, but it looks way too complicated for my needs.

I would really appriciate getting "Version 3.14" if you please.

Thanks much!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would it be possible for you to email your diabetic log program.

Thank you,

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would love to get a copy of your new logbook!!! Still trying to find the "right" log for myself.
Thank you
rcj176 at charter dot net

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kevin - Would love to get a copy - thanks.

Blogger Bamaman said...

would like to try your log book. I need help controlling Type 2

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That would be

Blogger Unknown said...

Hai , I am recently joint diabets family .Can you pls send you pls send ypur log to

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi there! I've heard great things about your logbooks, could you by chance send me a copy please? Thanks! email me at

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello! My daughter's pump isn't supported by Vista, so they won't send me the software. Ironic as we got the computer to help with diabetes management. Could you please send me a copy of your log book so I can try logging that way? Currently I do the scribble it all down and get writers cramp the morning of an endo appointment. It's really great you've made this available and I would really appreciate it.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, I would so love to use this. Are you still sending out copies? Thank you so much for your skills and your willingness to share!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi I wondered if I could try out your logbook? I followed a link from another blog to here and I like the look of your logbook but am useless at setting up one myself.
I'm in the UK so please could I have it in mmol.

Thank you!


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I found your blog through Google. I would love to get a copy of your logbook. I'm a Type 1 diabetic of about 20 yrs and have always hated paper logbooks. I'm in the US so .xls works for me. Thanks in advance!

Russ Edmondson

Anonymous Anonymous said...


I was searching for a logbook I could use in Excel. My son has just been diagnosed with Diabetes and I want good records to make sure I am doing the right thing for him.

I would surely appreciate a copy of your logbook,

Thank you for all the work you put into it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please may I have a copy of your spreadsheet for use in the UK. I came across your blog through google. AHM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

May I please have a copy?
Thanks a million!

Anonymous Anonymous said...


I found your blog through another DOC blog - I would love a copy of your newest logbook, I have type 1 and I get really lazy about logging, partly because I've never found a logbook that I really like - yours sounds awesome!
Thanks so much in advance,
shalvabanker at yahoo dot com

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin:

I would really appreciate a copy of your log book. It looks great. I have been Type 1 for 22 years. I recently went off an insulin pump and I am now trying Lantus.

Please send a copy of the spreadsheet to odge at telus dot net



Blogger Kassie said...

Hi Kevin

Now that I'm keeping track of two sets of blood sugars, I need help! I'd love a copy of your logbook, if you are still distributing it. Thanks in advance!

Kassie Gregorio Palmer

Blogger Geobetic said...

Hi Kevin

Your spreadsheet seems to have the biggest fan base!

If you are still distributing it, could you please email me a copy?

grahamb dot norton at gmail dot com



Anonymous shalva said...

i just came across your blog from sixuntilme and i would love a copy of your excel logging program - i have been searching for a good logging system for over 5 yrs now!
thanks so much,

shalvabanker at yahoo dot com

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi. I also was directed here from sixuntilme. I've been using my own (crappy) excel logsheet, but sounds like you have the real deal. If you wouldn't mind sharing with another person, my email is ali dot mitchell at yahoo dot com. Thanks!!

Blogger Courtney said...

Hello! I have an older version of your spreadsheet that you sent me a few years back but I was wondering if you could send me the most up to date version? I live in Canada so if you could please send the mmol/l version, that would be great!
Thanks so much and my email is


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello! I also read the post on sixuntilme today and would love to have a copy as well. Sounds like lots of people use and love it! Looking forward to it!
Thank you.

Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Kevin,

I've heard so many good things abour your log, i'd love to give it a try!

caitlin.valentino at

thank you!

Anonymous Andrea said...

I would love a copy of your log sheet. I read about it on and have always had trouble logging, but I think this would be INCREDIBLY helpful for me and my new endo.

Thank you SO much!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please? One for me too? I am looking for something to get me back on track of logging my numbers.

Thank you,

Blogger T1Mommy said...

I would love a copy. Im a year into T1 hood and about to start on the Omni's.

Its amazing what a smart mind can do...

Blogger T1Mommy said...

by the way, its

again thank you!

Anonymous Hosanna Bielby said...

I would really like to try out the new version of your logbook!!
my email is

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Kevin. I would also love a copy of your log. My email is

Thanks a bunch!

Blogger Not Your Type 1 said...

I would LOVE a copy of your log

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would love to try your logbook after seeing all the references to it. Trying to get myself under control and started cgm too. Hope I won't get burned out with too much info!! Thanks!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Myself and my son's Dr would love it if I was sent (and used)your new log. Can you please send to Thanks!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could I have one as well please?
rdwings2002 @

Thank you,

Blogger EJ said...

Hi Kevin,

I just heard about your spreadsheet recently on It sounds incredibly uselful. How can I get a copy? Thanks in advance!

Blogger EJ said...

Oh and here's my email

Blogger Unknown said...

Can I get a copy of your logbook as well? It's all the rage these days :)

Blogger Unknown said...

Drat. Here's my e-mail: allikator at

Blogger Unknown said...

I just read Kerri's post on Six Until Me about your logbook, and follow up reading around the web. It sounds very useful and helpful. I'd like a copy to use and I am going to share with my sister. Thanks ahead of time and thanks for doing such a good thing.
My email address is:


Blogger Jen said...

Kevin, can you please send me a copy?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any chance I can get a copy of the logbook?


Anonymous Deneen said...

Like many other posts, I would like to request a copy of your infamous spreadsheet, please. I heard about it on Sixuntilme. Always looking for ways to improve - sounds like you have a great tool to use. Thanks-
deneena at

Anonymous Adriana said...

I would love a copy of your log sheet. I hear about it over at SUM.



Blogger karend1 said...

If and when you have the time I would also love a copy of your log sheet. I have been Type 1 for 42 years and I always start logging and then give up, but find when I do log, I tend to really try to fix my boluses/basals, and now I am suffering again from morning lows and know I need to log again to figure it out.

Thanks a ton.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i would love a copy of the mg/dl version.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please send me your logbook. t1diabetic_at_gmail_dot_com . Thanks.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please send me a copy of your log book. mgobluekate at hotmail dot com. Thanks!

Blogger asinisimasa said...

I'm T1 for 23 years and would love to try the kevin spreadsheet if you're still giving it out.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Kevin! I, too, would love to get your spreadsheet. Read about it on SUM and would like to find something that would help me log my info!

Blogger Bob said...

Kevin -
Just upgraded to a new computer running Vista 64, and the CoPilot software I was using won't read my meter. Could I get a copy of the spreadsheet?

Blogger Andrea said...

I found your blog via sixuntilme and any sort of logging equipment that is easier to use and helpful for monitoring would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Kevin,
I appreciate the time and effort that went into creating these sheets. I would really like to use them to help get my A1C under control. Thank you for any help you can send my way!!!

Blogger apants said...

I would love love love love love to see your log sheet. I'm looking at too but I'm a big lover and user of excel spreadsheets for work so I think I would do well with yours.

Blogger Jen said...

Would you mind sending me the spreadsheet you use? I need to really kick my A1C in the butt...and need to get back on track with logging.


Blogger mary grace said...

hi Kevin - Just got pointed here from Six Until Me's blog... any chance I can have a copy of your logbook? It looks amazing & might just be what I need to get myself recording my sugars, etc. again. Thanks!

mary.rotman @

Blogger NeurosurgeryNP said...

Hi Kevin -

Just read about your Excel sheet on the SUM blog. Any chance I can please have a copy of it to use? Thanks so much. Jen

Anonymous Seonaid said...

Hi kevin, this looks great! I read about your spreadsheet on SUM- could you please send me a copy? I think it would REALLY help me lower my a1c... thank you!!

Blogger Kristen said...

Hi Kevin! I heard about your spreadsheet in another blog. I would love to have a copy if you wouldn't mind. Thanks a ton!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Kevin,
Read about your digital logbook on SUM and it sounds great! My 9 year old daughter starts pumping insulin at month's end and I'd love to be able to see some of the success others are reporting on since they started using your logbook. I'd very much appreciate receving a copy in mmol version. Thanks so much,
Karen from Canada

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Kevin. I stumbled upon your site by a post on the CWD pages. Your logs are interesting to me since our Endo doesn't like the software we currently use. I would like to explore more of yours if possible.

Thank you!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin. I would really appreciate it if you would e-mail me a copy of your latest log sheet. It sounds amazing.
Thank you sooooo much


Blogger Jacque said...

I would love to have a copy of your log please. jacque471 at


Anonymous Andrea said...

I have heard wonderful reviews about this logbook. Will you send me one please? Thank you.


Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Kevin,

I've recently started logging again and am trying to make all kinds of new efforts to improve my control. Word on the web is that your log is by far the best! Could you send me a copy? My email is Thank you for doing this for us all!

Blogger Jamie said...

This looks fantastic! I've been hearing and seeing so many wonderful results from using this ... would you be able to fire off a copy to me as well? (In mmol/L if possible - I'm in Canada).

Thanks so much!

email is mickeycat71 at hotmail

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Kevin,
I heard about your log sheet from a diabetic's blog and just read the rave reviews here. I would love to try it out!

Blogger carmencrystal said...

Thanks for taking the time to develop this. I saw the post on sixuntilme and thought...if she can do i t and her life is busy enough so could I. It would be gratly appreciated if I could use your excel sheets as well.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Kevin, this is amazing! Can I have a mmol copy please?

Blogger Mimi the kitten said...

Kevin, I would be honored and immensely grateful for a copy of your log sheet. Thank you and God bless you!

Blogger James DeareBorne said...

Please send me a copy


Blogger Danno said...

Hello Kevin,
Heard much about your logbook! Could I please get a copy? Thanks!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

heard a lot about it. would love a copy : unclerj at hotmail dot com.

thanks a bunch

Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry. mmol version please to unclerj at hotmail dot com

Blogger Bamaman said...

I have heard of and would like to try your log book. I need help controlling Type 2

Anonymous Tammi said...

Hi Kevin, I'm a school nurse and use your log book for my students, their parents love it. Could you send me any updated charts. Thanks for all the hard work!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would like to try your logbook.please

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would love to try your logbooks--I hate logging my daughters bs! Please send me a copy

Blogger Patricia Mersereau said...

Hi Kevin,

I am working with others to create booklets for women with diabetes during pregnancy--one for gestational diabetes, another for preexisting diabetes. We would love to use your logbook in the booklets, giving you credit along with your web site. Would you share?

Patricia Mersereau, RN, MN, CPNP
pmersereau at comcast dot net

Anonymous Kelley Van Den Broek said...

Hi Kevin, i had been using your charting system...but i fell off the recording wagon...Please send me your updated version and i will start recording again. I need the mmol/l one. I found i could control my BS easier when I was recording everything. Thanks for such a wonderful chart
Kelley Van Den Broek

Blogger jpnairn said...

Good work, Kevin. Just as an FYI, here is my list of places that are trying to provide diabetes tracking tools:



DiabetesDaily Tools

Log For Life


Minimed CareLink

Diabetes Logbook X (Mac software)

Anonymous Ashley said...

Hi Kevin,
I'm a college student who's really fallen behind when it comes to logging numbers. I've heard awesome things about your program and I know it's got to be a lot more motivating than an old fashioned log book. I'd really appreciate it if I could get a copy! Thanks! ashamaley08 at sbcglobal dot net

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would love a copy of this! I'm a newly diagnosed T1 (6mo ago). I also have twins about the same age as yours so I'm not so sure I'll have time for it but what the heck!
It's worth a shot. please send to

much appreciated!!!

Blogger Unknown said...

Could I possibly get a copy of your spreadsheet?

elfchief _at_ lupine . org

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin! I'd love to try out your logbook-- I'm a college student, and my computer is just about as attached to me as my insulin pump these days, so this sounds like an interesting way to log!


Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Kevin, I would love to try your logbook please, can you send me a copy? My address is

p.s. I will need the mmol/L version coz I'm in New Zealand.
Thanks so much!
Philippa :D

Blogger More sugar than spice! said...

hi Kevin,
can i please get a copy of the mmol/L version (aussie aussie aussie, oi oi oi !)
Thanks in advance,

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kevin, can I have your log sheets please? I had a doctors appt yesterday and my Dr. said she is giving me 6 mos to get my A1C down from 9 to 7 and I have to lose 12lbs. Your sheets could really help me.Thanks!

Blogger Unknown said...

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Blogger Unknown said...

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Anonymous Kerry said...

I would like to try your spreadsheet. I am the father of a recently diagnosed 4 year old girl. Please email to Thanks.
Kerry Osborne

Blogger Unknown said...

How is it possible to get a copy of your log. It seems perfect.

Blogger Sarah said...

May I please get a copy of your newest log sheet? It sounds wonderful and I'm tired of drawing my own graph too. ;)

Thanks so much!

Blogger Dave said...

I would love to get a copy of your spreadsheet SW. I am looking for something that I could adapt for use with an iPhone diabetes tracking app called "Track3".

Thanks for your help,

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin,
can you please email me at the log sheet, I would like to try them. Thanks so much

Anonymous sarah said...

im desperately in need of a good spreadsheet!

Blogger Robert Ross said...

Kevin I would love to try out your spreadsheet. I am on Linux and a simple way of tracking my disease would be great.

Anonymous Lindsay C. said...

I got linked to your blog through Kerri's blog, sixuntilme. I would love to have your log spreadsheet. I am trying to get my numbers under very tight control for pregnancy planning. My email is I hate logging, so hopefully this will help me to actually do it! Thanks in advance! Lindsay

Blogger Jdanda said...

Hi Kevin, looking for a way to track my daughters sugar. I heard you have a great spreadsheet. Can you share it with me?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kevin, is the Excel log sheet still available from you? I see you say it isn't for a Mac but does it not import to Mac? Thanks. my address is

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would love to give this a try! Thanks so much for sharing! :) Emily

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you could send a copy to me at sarahlcowan at yahoo dot com, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would love to give your spreadsheet a try ... please send me a copy!! Thanks!! =)

Anonymous P K said...

I'm late to the party, but this looks great for monitoring and ditching the obsolete paper log pad.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would love to use your spreadsheep in attmepts to communicate between our school, endo, husband at work, etc... Thank you for blessing us with your expertise!

Blogger Alison said...

Hi, you graciously sent me a copy of your spreadsheet a few years ago, but I've changed computers and can't seem to find it. Could you send me a new copy? Thanks for your hard work.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would love a copy of your excel log sheet my email address is Thank you so much for your hard work and share with all of us.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would love a copy of your exel sheet. We are new to this and our dauhgter is 3. It;s sounds like your tools will make it a bit easier to understand

Anonymous Ann said...

Hi Kevin. I keep running into glowing recommendations for your logbook and I'd like to try it. I'm a newly-diagnosed LADA and need all the help I can get! I'm grateful for your hard work. If you could send me the mmol/L version, that's best for me, up here in Canada. My e-mail is abemrose(at)telus(dot)net. Thank you!


Blogger John said...

I would really love to get a copy of your new version.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Kevin
Just been diagnosed with type 2, please may I use your log sheet.
Much appreciated.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey kevin,
i came across your log book and i would love to have the new version, it seems that i've hit a wall with the notebook journaling and can't seem to get it all together.....( like not journaling for months, than cramming them in trying to remember everything aka yikes) please and thankyou...
craZed T1 katie


Blogger anders said...

hi kevin, would love to get a copy of your logbook. looks very thorough.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin,

I'm have rececntly been diagnosed with diabetes and was searching the web when i stumbled onto your site.

I would be grateful if you could please e-mail me a copy of this spreadsheet at

Many thanks

Blogger Unknown said...


I would love a copy of your spreadsheet to use for my daughter. Since she has been on the pump we haven't kept as good of records as we should. I'm hoping your logbook with help with that. Would you send it to Thanks, Susanna

Anonymous Jennie said...

Kevin, I read about this on sixuntilme and would love to get a copy of your new logbook - I need to be better about tracking my numbers and it sounds like this is great one to try! Thanks!

Blogger Alecia said...

Hello Kevin, I read about this on six until me also and would really LOVE to get a copy and try out your new logbook! Thanks in advance!

Anonymous Jenney said...

I would love a copy of your spreadsheet!

Blogger Kelli said...

Thank you for doing all the set-up work for those of us that are not very patient with these things. I would love to try your latest and greatest log sheet if you are still sharing it. I imagine you will get a lot of requests after Kerri's post, but I will wait and whenever it gets here be happy.
Thanks again.

Blogger Sam said...

Hi Kevin! I just read about your log sheets via sixuntilme, and I would love a copy. My biggest problem has always been failure to log, an I tihnk your program would really help me out!


Anonymous Ellen Bogle said...

Wow, Kevin, looks like you're going to be busy! I would love to get the new version! Thanks so much.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin! I read about you on Kerri Sparling's blog and I think your log sheets look great! I created my own when I was diagnosed 2 years ago, but yours are WAY better. Could you send me a copy so I can step it up a notch?


Anonymous Beth K said...

Ditto, ditto, ditto...! I am currently trying to get back on the logbook bandwagon and having a difficult time, and I would absolutely love to try out your version. Thanks so much!

Blogger Laurie M said...

Hi Kevin-

We are 6 months in to the D journey. If you don't mind, I'd love for you to send me these wonderful logs you speak of.

themounces at yahoo dot com


Blogger Marie said...

Hello Kevin:
I saw your log sheet on SUM and would please like a copy (or instructions on how to set one up).
I'm a parent of a T1 boy.
Thank you.
T1 Mom

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin,

I also saw your log book info on SUM and would love to give it a try. Thanks in advance!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just found out about your log sheet. I would love a copy of your newer version.
Thank you soooo much!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin. I saw your logging stuff on SUM today. Wondering if you'd email a copy. I'm in Canada - svandouma at gmail dot com.

Thanks so much!

Blogger sbuckscoffee said...

Hi Kevin! I would love a copy of your famous Kevin Logbook! Thanks!

Blogger Angela said...

I just read about this at SUM and would dearly love to get a copy at akeiter at gmail dot com.

Thank you so much for your generosity!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd like to get the log sheet! Please send to erika408 at gmail dot com.

Thanks a million!

Anonymous Colleen said...

Jumping on the logsheet bandwagon after reading about it on SUM. I'd love to get the newest version too.

Blogger Ferghouse said...

Hi Kevin-

Kerri is singing your praises over at SUM. I would love to have your logbook in my arsenal of diabetes management. Thanks for sharing your hard work and gift of programming with us.

theferghouse at comcast dot net

Many thanks-

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Kevin, I'm another reader of SUM just hearing about your amazing log. I'd love a copy for my 6 year old T1.

Thanks for your generosity!


Blogger shelley said...

Hi Kevin,

My daughter is 6yrs. old and was diagnosed in November. I've been logging everything (like a crazy person!)but haven't figured out how to use the info. as effectively as I'd like. I'd love to try your logbook. Thanks so much!
Shelley Hause

Blogger Lauren said...

Kevin, I would looooove a copy of your spreadsheets. I'm 6 weeks pregnant and trying to get as tight of control as I can. Please send to - a regular excel file is fine!

Thank you, thank you!!

Blogger eve said...

Hi, please send me a copy of your spreadsheet. It looks great!


Anonymous Caroline L said...

Hi! Are you still sending out copies of your spreadsheet? I would LOVE to have a copy if you are... We're in Canada, so the mmol version would be awesome. Thank you so much!!!

Blogger Aifric Walsh said...

I'd love to try this spreadsheet - is it easy to change the parameters to mmol??
My email is if you wouldnt mind sending me a copy??
Thanks so much

Blogger deehydrated said...

Hi Kevin. I'd really appreciate if you'd send me your log sheet at deevilish at yahoo dot com. Thanks so much!

Blogger The Alexander's said...

Would you be so kind to email me your spreadsheet so I can take a gander and potentially adopt it for my son?! My email is lisaalexander8302 at yahoo dot com


Blogger RT said...

I would love a copy of your worksheet. My email is rtaylor61 at gmail dot com. Thank you in advance!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would like a copy for my daughter. I'm new to this and need all the help I can get. dawnlight _ 2000 at yahoo dot com

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kevin- May i please have a copy of your new log? thank you Sara

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin!!

After reading about ur spreadsheet on sixuntilme and all the fantastic comments here, would appreciate using it and seeing my a1c go down ;)

lill03 at

Much appreciated, thanks for the wonderful work,

Anonymous Megan said...

I would love to use it!


Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Kevin,

I read how amazing your spreadsheet is on and I am interested in trying it.

So excited!!

Thank you,

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I use the Dex, will this logsheet still help me? If so, what do I do? Do I pull numbers off of my Dex and enter them into the spreadsheet, or should I do a fingerstick each time? Are the graphs from the logsheet better than the ones from dex?

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