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Thursday, July 26, 2007 | 10 comment(s)

Well, it actually started last night:

11:06pm - 81 mg/dl
I had pizza for dinner and I was working around the house all night. I was running cable wire from the basement to the second floor (thanks for your help, Aron!). My legs were toast from the bike ride home and from climbing the stairs back and forth from the basement to the second floor so many times I thought I was on a Stairmaster.

But at bedtime I'm feeling pretty full still. So I'll take a unit of insulin over the next 4 hours. This has worked nicely for me in the past...


 1:37am - 39 mg/dl
Well, that didn't work out so well. I'm pretty scared now. I eat 5 glucose tabs (20 CHO). Somehow I dozed off again.


 1:45am - 38 mg/dl
Shit. The C6H12O6 isn't kicking in yet. I'm out of tabs by my bedside, so I go and get the jar of glucose in the hall closet. Lights are on, I sit up in bed, have no idea how many tabs I ate out of the jar, I set a temp basal rate to 0u/hr for 1 hour, and I wait.


 1:55am - 58 mg/dl
Okay, I'm coming up.
Cancel that temp basal rate.

Pass out.


 2:20am - 110 mg/dl
Don't know what woke me up... perhaps the light still being on. I took 0.5u since I'm pretty sure I over treated that low.


 6:55am - 221 mg/dl
No real surprise there.
Correction bolus says 2.4u, but I know that giving a full correction after a low isn't wise. I back off a little and only give 2.0u and don't take any insulin to cover my time off the pump during my shower.


 8:10am - 161 mg/dl
Not great, but not bad either considering... I take my normal 3.3u for my normal breakfast. I have an appointment with my endocrinologist this morning, and I'm eating breakfast at home, which is unusual.


 9:15am(ish) - No Reading
There's a Lesson Here
I really should have tested. I'm pretty good about testing before getting in my car and driving. But I had just come out of the doctor's office and I was pissed.

Apparently, when I made my appointment, the person on the other end of the phone didn't actually make the appointment!

So. A complete waste of time.

Next available appointment? Sept. 7th. Yeah, we'll see if I make that.

I got halfway out to my car and realized I had to turn around and get my parking ticket validated. Which made me even more angry. I now have to pay for parking for an appointment I didn't have!


 9:24am - 62 mg/dl
There was a diabetic man driving along Independence Ave. behind the Vietnam War Memorial feeling slightly anxious and sweaty and trying to test his blood sugar while driving a stick shift in rush hour traffic (that was me, by the way, and I don't recommend this). He eats 5 more glucose tabs and is actually thankful for red lights. He is nervous.


 9:31am - 70 mg/dl
I pull into the parking lot at work and eat a granola bar while I walk into the office to "start my day."
I'm tired.


Things like this happen much more often than I'd prefer.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had a similar night last night. About 3:45 AM I realized I was lying in bed half awake reading a post about chasing low BS. The problem was my computer wasn’t on. When I realized I was in a mild state of hallucination I decided I ought to check my BS. It was 47 and going down. I’ve learned after 25 years of popping glucose tablets that I can raise my BS by 36 points, give or take a few, with three tablets. I hate the roller coaster rides but I have a lot fewer of them now than I did in the past. Even doing the right thing doesn’t always guarantee success but its better. Now if we could combine CGM with an insulin/glucose pump we would have it. I doubt we’ll see it; too much liability.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The problem there is the physical volume of glucose you'd have to carry around with you

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jon...I couldn't agree more. I carry at least 10 in the small plastic tube. I refill the tube from the large bottles. I have heart disease and have had several heart attacks and bypass surgery so I also carry a small bottle of nitro tablets and a small bottle of baby aspirin. I’m not that old (heart disease is a complication of diabetes) so I stay prepared. I’m not going out without a fight.

Blogger Scott K. Johnson said...

No fun man. Maybe you can catch a nap at your desk today... :-)

Blogger Scott K. Johnson said...

More comments after reading the sidebars again (I really enjoy those!).

This is a perfect example of the "hoop theory".

I believe that it is things that present "hoops to jump through" that piss me off most.

For example, simply GOING to the endo is a hoop. To get there and realize that someone (other than you) effed (<- that's a "G-Money" term) up the appointment created even more hoops to jump through (another appointment, another visit, more time off work, the parking ticket thing, the commute, etc).

Hoops piss me off. We already have more hoops than the average person, just managing D, not to mention all of these types of hoops.

Blogger Kevin said...

Jon: Yup. 10 in my pocket and 10 in my backpack (plus a glucagon shot and enough granola bars to feed a small army).

Rich: Sorry to hear 'bout the heart problems. Keep punchin!

Scott: Can we at least get some background music to go with our hula hoop show? Or perhaps some applause from the audience when we jump through them? At least they're not on fire, huh?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny you mention the sidebars Scott! The first time I read the post I thought to myself, "hey, where are all the fun comments?!"

Kevin - glad to know you didn't let us down!

Blogger Bernard said...


No wonder you're exhausted. Stay safe during the day.

With the Dexcom, I'm really finding these types of evenings are much reduced (not gone completely). Maybe you can look into a CGM - though you may want to wait until they're a lot better.

Did you see that the Dex folks have come out with a 'shot' that has 15g of carbs? I've not had to try one yet, but I've started carrying one around in addition to the glucose tabs.

Blogger art-sweet said...

Kevin... knock knock - you out there? Babies stil in there? Thinking about you

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