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The other day at work I was feeling a little funny before lunch.
Symptoms weren't too strong, and not really my normal visual pin-wheel thing either.

I opened up my meter that I keep out on my desk next to my keyboard and went through the few steps that are so second nature to me that I can literally do them in my sleep.

42 mg/dL

I actually started laughing
Even though...
...we all know that's nothing to laugh about.

when I saw that.

See, luckily I knew that the number one rule of intergalactic travel is:

So I didn't. And everything turned out OK.
After eating a box of raisins, 7 glucose tabs, and a granola bar, that is.
(Though I guess there was a little bit of panic in that eating binge).

Lunch was officially spoiled.

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Blogger Shannon said...

Well, at least you got your fruits and grains as well as a little sweet for dessert.

It's one thing taking care of someone who has diabetes, I just can't imagine being the one having it. I often wonder how I'd react to treating my own lows, etc.

My hat is forever and always off to you and the PWD's.

Blogger George said...

When I saw the title of this post I had a feeling where you were going with that number. Very funny (but not of course), I will shut up now.

Blogger Penny Ratzlaff said...

I'm with Shannon. I don't know how I'd handle the low if I was the one who had D. I can very easily see me stuffing my face and paying for it later.

Blogger Minnesota Nice said...

Gosh there are lots of people having lows these days - or at least writing about having lows.
I nearly fell flat on my face coming home from work today (and, ahem, the ice is all gone). I tested at 57 and thought "oh, that's not a big deal - I'll just make supper right away". Well, pretty soon I was standing with a very sharp knife in my hand, wondering just how you were suppose to use it in chopping lettuce.
Sharp knives + hypoglycemia = a bad situation.

Blogger Kevin said...

Shannon & Penny: There are many situations that are difficult to imagine ourselves in. Just like you have difficulty imagining how you'd deal with low blood sugars, I have a difficult time imagining the dedication and devotion you have as parents of children with diabetes. I am often in awe of such parents -- kudos to both of you!

George: It's OK to laugh (I'm actually glad the humor wasn't lost on everyone) I actually had another reading of 42 last night (again!). I couldn't believe it. I wasn't laughing this time, though. I was actually pissed (and a little scared) and just wanted to go back to sleep.

MN: I'm sorry to hear that you were a victim of that flawed logic that sometimes over takes us while we're low. But I'm glad no one was hurt!

Blogger Bernard said...

So you get a visual pinwheel thing?

Sometimes when I'm low I see a kind of flutter effect when I'm looking at things. As if something is fluttering its wings and I'm looking through them.

I wonder whether this is what you mean by the visual pinwheel. I can't come up with a good way to describe the effect to anyone.

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