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I've seen a few Memes go around before I started blogging, and I kinda did one before, but I have never seen one spread like wild fire like this before! I have a weird system of writing / posting / blogging at night and on weekends, but reading and commenting during the week. So I basically missed the start of this thing on Friday afternoon, and then practically EVERYONE had a post of 5 random things about themselves on Monday morning! I felt like I completely missed the boat. Thankfully, I wasn't left out of the game of tag, and George (Jim?) got me.

So here are 5 random facts about me:
  1. I don't share this with many people, and as a guy, I'm slightly embarassed by this, but I have a weakness for romantic comedies. I might go so far as saying it's my favorite genre of movies. And high-quality ones are just the best (duh). I'm talking "Annie Hall", "When Harry Met Sally", "Notting Hill", "Love Actually." Screwball comedies are a close second, though: "The Philadelphia Story", "Bringing Up Baby", and "Adam's Rib" are brilliant films.

  2. My hair is thinning and I am seriously worried about going bald. It borders on obsession. It started thinning about a year ago, and I'm not sure it will stop. I talk about it all the time with Megan, and she just laughs at me like I'm crazy. She's also concerned that I'll offend men who really are bald or going bald if I even remotely mention my contention that I'm balding to them (I really don't mean to). I figure I'm just processing and prepping myself for a possible hair-less future. Call it vanity if you want (well, 'cause that's basically what it is), but I'm going to be devestated if I lose my hair.

  3. I've split the back of my head open twice. The first time was when I was 8 or 9 and my sister pushed me in the bathroom (I wanted to brush my teeth, she was washing her hair under the sink, I *might* have shoved her first (I don't remember), she bumped her head under the faucet, she turned and pushed me) and I toppled into the bathtub. We didn't go to school that day, and my Mom blew threw all kinds of red lights on the way to the hospital. The second time was in 7th grade when two kids thought they'd test out some new pro-wrestling moves on me in the hallway.

    There's a short (half-inch) horizontal scar from the first one, and a long (one-and-a-half-inch) vertical scar from the second one underneath my thinning hair.

    And just so you know, head wounds bleed a LOT.

  4. Apparently I'm loud in bed.
    Get your minds out of the gutter!

    We sleep with a white-noise machine on at night. I fully assert, however, that I do not snore, I simply breathe. I breathe in a funny way perhaps, but it is not what you would classically describe as snoring. "Puffing" is a better explanation. Apparently, I inhale through my nose, but for some reason I can not exhale through my nose as well. The CO2 in my lungs gets trapped in my mouth until my cheeks bulge and finally my lips pop open with a loud "puffffff" sound. I've actually noticed this happening in that weird place between sleep and consciousness once or twice. But I stand firm: I do not snore (no nasal sounds what-so-ever), I simply breathe, and it drives Megan crazy.

  5. Unlike everyone else in this country (on this planet?), I don't like Johnny Cash. There, I've said it. I've seen "Walk the Line" and... Yup, still don't like him. Well, I wouldn't say him, exactly, I'm just not a fan of his music. I don't understand why everyone else thinks he's so great.

I'm not going to pretend like I'm not the last one to post my 5 random things, so I won't be tagging anyone.

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Blogger Major Bedhead said...

1. When Harry Met Sally is fantastic. The other ones are great, too, and I'm with on on those comedies - all Katherine Hepburn, so you obviously have great taste.

4. My husband does that too. The both of you are freaks of nature. It drives me ballistic as well.

Blogger George said...

That was awesome. I am usually not a MEME poster but this one wasn't a mile long and when Kerri calls you out, you have to go for it or you will be labeled yellow forever!

Any room for Forget Paris? I love that freaking movie!

Blogger Lyrehca said...

Not to be a commercial, but would you try Rogaine? My brother takes it (he's a doc and prescribed it for himself) and thought he had a tiny thinning spot. (He's also pretty vain; it's not like the spot was obvious). I must say his hair is really thick and there's not a sign of scalp anywhere where there shouldn't be.

Blogger Scott K. Johnson said...

Dude - I have the PERFECT solution for your hair thing...


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