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'Tis the season for giving thanks and all that, and so I wanted to jot off a post about just that. Although, after the evening
What a Crappy Night

I get out of work early for the Thanksgiving holiday, and I'm happy as a clam. I've got a shopping list that Meg just sent me to get a few things at the grocery so we can "be prepared" for some family guests staying with us and to prepare a little somethin' somethin' for the big T-day meal we'll all be going to tomorrow night.

I have to walk about 10 minutes to get to the parking lot my car is in, and it's raining, so I'm a little wet when I get there. I get situated in the car, dry off my glasses, open my diet coke and place it in the cup holder, turn the ignition, and NOTHING.

Approximately 6 hours earlier I was saying to myself as I pulled into the parking lot:
"Remember to turn off the lights."
"Remember to turn off the lights."
"Remember to turn off the lights."

I forgot to turn off my lights.

While I do like my little 1994 Honda Civic hatchback quite a lot, THE MOST ANNOYING thing about it is that it does not give you a warning that you've left your lights on. I've drained my battery 3 times in the last year because of this.

Thankfully, I found a police officer nearby and he is able to give me a jump, and then I'm off.

I get to the grocery store and the lot is packed and it's a zoo inside. They're flat out of pie crusts and cranberries (Meg is not going to be pleased). I wait in a very long line, check out and I'm heading out the door. It's still raining a little out. As I approach the cross-walk, I see a White Hummer slowing down.

I proceed into the cross walk.

I look over and notice that this Hummer isn't stopping.

I jumped back from the path of this TANK and the TANK crashes into my shopping cart and knocks it over.

I stand there trying to look into the passenger side window to get some recognition from the driver that he/she had just knocked over my shopping cart, but the woman behind the wheel pauses for just a second, looks the other way, and CONTINUES TO DRIVE!!

I am stunned.

She goes a TANK-length or more with my shopping cart under her TANK before she stops.

I run up to the passenger side door, yank it open and go BALLISTIC on her.

She apologizes.
She says she looked both ways.
Some guy starts to help me pick up the food that is now strewn under her TANK and behind her TANK.

She tries to explain to this by-stander that she didn't see me or the cart.

He replies (beautifully) "Of course you didn't see the cart, your car is too damn big."

I'm cursing at her and slap a busted yogurt in her hand.

I explain to her that she needs to mover her TANK so I can get the rest of my food out from under her TANK.

She pulls away.

And I am thankful that I wasn't run over by a Hummer this evening.

Please believe me
I am generally the most pacific person you would ever meet. Losing my temper twice in one week like I have is an extremely rare thing and very unlike me.


I've had, it's a little hard to be chipper, I was so enamored by the long list of little things that Jill over at navigum posted today, that I decided to copy her (and believe me, I had to use a lot of restraint not to plagerize several from her list, e.g., flannel sheets, Nephrons, friends of friends, mitochondria, and the sound of foriegn languages). And I agree, the whole health, family, and friends bit is so last year, it's ridiculous. (But I AM very thankful for them too).

So here are fifty little (and not so little things) that I'm thankful for:

  1. Jorge
  2. ergonomic keyboards
  3. rainbow trout
  4. bike lanes
  5. batteries
  6. new music
  7. Megan
  8. coincidences
  9. clementines
  10. ING Direct
  11. my guitar
  12. The Amazing Race
  13. Keen sandals
  14. manual transmissions
  15. thermal underwear
  16. hot showers
  17. Accucheck softclix
  18. my green and red lunch bag
  19. national parks
  20. power tools
  21. laughter
  22. DSL
  23. paid vacation
  24. skis
  25. color schemes
  26. Comcast On Demand
  27. Sage Firefox plug-in
  28. Diet Coke
  29. public transportation
  30. The Beatles
  31. PB&Js
  32. my slippers
  33. my orange hat
  34. dental floss
  35. Elements of Style
  36. guacamole
  37. sleeping bags
  38. Auto Hotkey
  39. sand
  40. almonds
  41. digital cameras
  42. nalgene water bottles
  43. multi-vitamins
  44. clipless bike pedals
  45. regular expressions
  46. silly salutations
  47. numbers
  48. socks right out of the dryer
  49. my backpack
  50. ordered lists

I hope you all have a very happy holiday.

4 Comment(s):

Blogger Minnesota Nice said...

Well, Kev, I noticed that you are not too young to have The Beatles on your list, so anxiously scanned the remainder looking for Bob Dylan......Oh well, to each, his own. Great list.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Blogger Kevin said...

Hey Kathy,

I've got some mixed thoughts on Bob Dylan. While I'm a big fan of "Highway 61 Revisited" and "Blood on the Tracks", I'm not all that familiar with a lot of his other albums. The rest of it seems hit-or-miss with me.

Blogger jill. said...

Hey Kevin,
Thanks for the link :) Great list .. but how horrible about your grocery experience! Oh Hummers and people who drive them >sigh< Happy Thanksgiving!

Blogger Scott K. Johnson said...

Kevin! Holy crap of an evening man!!

I seriously could not believe that your shopping cart was run over and cremated by a Hummer. Holy. Shit.

And the driver sounded like a real winner. I smirked a little when the bystander gave her the line about her car being too damn big!

Man - what a week huh?

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