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Let me start off by saying this: I have next to no will power. As in nil, nada, zilch.

Okay, on with the story. The festivities began on Saturday evening. We were invited to 3 halloween parties, but only made it to 2 of them. I was reluctant to go at first, but Meg gave me the required kick in the pants and we dressed up
It was a re-tread
Meg went as Little Red Ridinghood and I went as the Big Bad Wolf (in Gramma's nightgown, of course). We used these costumes several years ago, and so it was easy to pull off again. There's not much to it actually. Meg had a red cape, and I had a nightgown and some face make-up. There really aren't too many costumes you can pull off with a full beard. A wolf happens to be one of them.

and had a decent time. In fact, at the one party, we even won a second place prize
To Be Fair
There were only about a dozen or so folks at the party that actually dressed up, so I wouldn't say we had very stiff competition...

for "best costume."

Then on Sunday we hosted a little pumpkin carving party at our place. It gave us a much needed excuse to give our house a good cleaning! We served a stew and a vegetarian chili and warm apple cider with rum to spike it with (note this is a difficult one to bolus for). It all went well, until 5pm rolled around and two families were still on their way and we were basically out of food (that NEVER happens! We usually have sooo many leftovers it's ridiculous). We scrambled to throw a pizza in the oven, whip up a salad, and grill some chicken-apple sausages to feed our hungry guests, and all went well. It was a little chaotic there for a bit, but all-in-all a good time.

We carved up a bunch of pumpkins, roasted some pumpkin seeds, and everyone left with all their digits in tact
Pumpkin Carving Tool Sets Rock!
Seriously. These little tool sets are awesome. I started to carve mine with a big knife, but then switched to a little saw-blade tool, and it was like going through warm butter. Hands down, a great invention!

(which was really the only goal for the evening). I went with a minimalist design for my pumpkin.

Tonight, we handed out some candy. We live on a busy street, so we didn't get too many trick-or-treaters. Essentially, that means we have tons of leftover candy. Like I said at the beginning of this post, I have no self-control. I've been around bowls of halloween candy for the past 4 days, and my blood sugar graphs look like some sort of scary new roller coaster ride. I start of trying so hard, but then I slip, and believe me, it's a slippery slope. On both Saturday and Sunday nights I was so pleased with my blood sugar readings in the middle of the evening, that I went ahead and rewarded myself with a (few) "fun size" candies.

Big mistake.

These little suckers are evil, not fun. Do you know how easy it is to throw back a half-dozen of these in no-time flat? That's like an entire day's worth of calories! And not only is it hard to keep track of how many you've actually eaten, they should each probably get their own little square wave bolus. I did neither. For the record: random guesses followed by random boluses = random blood sugars. Indulging in these while at a party and having a few drinks produces the double-whammy of having blood sugars climb slowly overnight. Waking up with a 300+ reading is not cool.

I need to get these candies outta the house and take them into work were folks with normal pancreases can indulge.

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Blogger Scott K. Johnson said...

Sounds like a fun few days!

Your pumpkin ROCKS! I now see the real reason you switched to the little tool - the big knife was making it hard to carve those little tiny features!

I don't have any will power either - and I'm just going to do my best to stay out of the kids' stash.

Lord help me once all the folks at work (like you!) start bringing all their candy in...

If I can avoid that first piece, I'm good. But once I have one, it's all she wrote.

Blogger jill. said...

I agree. Damn those "fun" sized pieces!

Blogger Chrissie in Belgium said...

Me, I have NO will power/self control either. I am so very aware of it. The trick is to NOT start, b/c after that it is hopeless! From a fellow weakling..... and this is not just related to Halloween candy, but everything, everything related to diabetes control.

Blogger Johnboy said...

...on the other hand, if you CAN eat just one along with a little juice to treat a low, the fun size is quite the fun thing to do. :)

I'm no role model of self-control, mind you, but somehow i managed to do it last night. ;-)

(fun-size caution recommended)

Blogger Minnesota Nice said...

Yeah there are three big bowls of leftover candy in my office lunchroom now. But I know if I do not go back there for at least an hour, the vultures will have cleaned them out, except for the Bit-o-Honey, which thankfully is not my gig.

Blogger Sarah said...


I so feel this, but we went trick-or-treating and the kids got major candyage, which at this point, we are completely out of. I indulged in massive amounts of fun size candies and I let my son GORGE himself, and limited my peanut quite a bit, although I think she snuck some when my back was turned (it was probably turned so I could stuff more candy in my mouth!)

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