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Last night at 8:38PM I rang in at 77. This was just before driving home from the grocery store, so I stuffed a (strawberry) Nutri-Grain cereal bar in my mouth. When I got home, I had a late dinner of thin crust pizza (and a beer). Before going to bed, I was again at 77 (at 10:23PM) so I ate a few grapes before hittin' the hay. I was at 113 at 2:49AM (I rarely sleep through the night) and woke up at 130 at 7:30AM (I got to sleep in a bit today).

After some strange upward drift in the morning hours that I've been noticing lately, I ate breakfast (Giant brand Light Nonfat Yogurt: 20CHO) and was at 102 at 11:12AM AND THEN BACK at 77 at 12:16PM before lunch!

I love the Talking Heads.

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Blogger Scott K. Johnson said...

Well Kevin, 77 IS a pretty good number - but the chances of you ever seeing so many so close together again is pretty slim.

I think you should start a 77 movement, you know, like Kerri and her Larry Bird thing...

Blogger Kevin said...


77 is a pretty decent reading - a little on the low side in certain situations (e.g., before driving), but I'm not complaining.

My point really is just what you pointed out: having a string of the same readings in such a small window of time is a pretty improbable event.

Blogger Kerri. said...

I'd much rather a series of 77's than a pile of 33's. While Larry Bird is awesome, he'd end up either making me ridiculously fat from treating all those hypos or very, very befuddledly low at all times.

Blogger Johnboy said...

all those readings a decent in my book...i understand why you might want a little pick-me-up before driving just in case, though

i love the talking heads, too!

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