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Top Nine
Top Nine? Yeah! Why the Hell Not!?
A "Top Ten" is so Lettermanesque and decimal centric. Nine, being a square and everything, is a much nicer number. But oh!... One of my favorite poems is about the number 10 (though that (along with the fact that I couldn't think up another complaint) isn't enough for me to go the conventional route with a Top Ten list) : "On Turning Ten" by Billy Collins. Well worth reading (even if you're "not into poetry" (which, honestly, I'm not very much, though I try sometimes)).
Reasons I need to Find a New Endocrinologist:
(In no particular order (don't let the numbers fool ya!)).

  1. I still have to go to a lab
    In Other News...
    She did just call me back (after first my making two phone calls to her office) with my most recent lab results: 7.0 at lab #2 vs. 7.1 at lab #1 two weeks prior. So, I'd say probably a statistically insignificant difference. Which, on the one hand is nice (robustness and consistency are fine characteristics for lab results), but on the other hand, I'm still puzzled about my average plasma glucose readings from my meter vs. my A1c score conundrum. Oh yeah, and the hemoglobin electrophoresis test revealed no abnormalities, so that's good too.
    for my A1c test rather than using an in-office machine (though I would still have to go to the lab occasionally for a lipid panel).

  2. When I asked her if she went to the ADA Scientific Sessions when they were in town she said "No! I never go to them. I hate the ADA Sessions."

  3. She didn’t know
    Ya know...
    It just doesn't feel right when you're educating your own doctor about the current technology out there for diabetes care. Perhaps if she'd gone to the ADA Scientific Sessions she'd be more up-to-date (just a thought).
    what the Dexcom STS was and told me that continuous glucose monitors aren’t approved for long-term use (what rock has she been living under?).

  4. When I take a log book to her, she focuses in on the worst readings and wants to know: "So why did your blood sugar go up to 285 after lunch here
    It's Kinda Like
    Sitting under a hot lamp and being asked: "Where were you on the night of April 23rd, 2006 at 8:06pm? (and what was your blood sugar reading then and why?)" Let me tell ya: feeling like you're being interrogated is NO fun.
    ?" and then shortly followed is: "Perhaps we need to change your carb ratio." Forest for the trees, ya know? Better questions, perhaps: "What's your average blood sugars look like post lunch?" Or: "How often do you have such a big spike after lunch?" But always focusing on minute details and picking out my worst moments to lecture me on really puts me off on the defensive and I end up clenching my jaw and can actually feel my blood pressure rising.

  5. She doesn’t check my feet unless I kick my shoes off and initiate the inspection (I had an endocrinologist once tell me that any endocrinologist that doesn’t check your feet at each-and-every visit should be fired on the spot).

  6. Her online faculty page lists her specialties as "Obesity, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Osteoporosis."

  7. When I told her I was feeling depressed about my diabetes she laughed
    I Shit You Not
    She laughed.
    She said: "Look at you!"
    "You don't look depressed!"
    "You're not depressed."
    All with a giggle in her voice.
    at me.

  8. She didn’t know anything about whole blood and plasma differences in meters and didn’t know that the OneTouch Profile II (the meter that I was using) didn’t make the correction for plasma equivalents.

  9. She has actually discussed astrology with me.

To be fair, however, she has provided me with a few good services:

  1. At each appointment, I have her (almost
    For Some Reason
    Almost without fail, she takes a phone call in the middle of everyone of our appointments.
    ) undivided attention for at least 30 minutes. The endocrinology clinic I've been going to is at a "teaching" hospital, and so my usual experience with previous endos there entailed my answering the SAME, IDIOTIC questions by green residents who have never seen my charts before for about 15 mins. (Q: "So, you've got diabetes and you use insulin..., is that correct?" A: "URRggghhh") and then getting maybe 10 mins. with the actual doc.

  2. She has put me on lipitor and my lipid profiles are now a specimen of beauty (though they were never really bad before).

  3. She has also started me on a prophylactic dose of ACE inhibitors, which I think is probably a good thing.

But on net, I'm thinkin' I'm in the red here. I was given a few recommendations, and I tried to make an appointment with one doc, but she was booked solid for 3 or 4 months. I think I'm going to shop around some more, or try to make an appointment again with the one I tried before (even if I have to wait until December to do so).

11 Comment(s):

Blogger Allison said...

Yeah, those odds aren't looking to good, man... Yikes.

I swear, the more horror stories I read, the more I wanted to ditch my journalism degree and become a diabetes educator (because becoming a doctor would take even longer, and I'm not that smart).

If only I had figured this out THREE YEARS AGO.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would be looking for a new endo too! Mine is TONS better than yours.

Blogger art-sweet said...

I think I've seen that endo. Or her twin sister.

God, why do they channel all the idjits into endocrinology?

Blogger HVS said...

Boy,that one sure takes the cake. Living in an urban area-there must be endos not directly connected w/a medical school? Maybe a private practice doc would be better.
Tip for future referance:Schedule appointments in the later part of May-July, and near holidays. You're less likely to get a dumb resident works for me!(most of the time)
Art-sweet, I think they(endocrinologists) must've flunked out of their other rotations(too dumb for anything else but endocrinology). Hence, the real brain-waves all end up in endocrine.

Blogger Lyrehca said...

Well, I'm not surprised she's not up on diabetes stuff--PCOS and osteoporosis are her speciality. Sounds like she probably doesn't see a lot of Type 1s. Get out of there and find someone who specializes in type 1, let alone specializes in diabetes.

Blogger Kerri. said...

Unbelievable. If I told my endo I was feeling down about my diabetes and she laughed at me, I think I would walk out of her office.

Good luck in making the switch to someone new. Sounds like you need to do it ASAP.

Blogger Scott K. Johnson said...

Those sound like some pretty good reasons to change. I hate change like that though - it's always hard to start somewhere new.

It's like you have to prove yourself a "good diabetic" versus all the rest of us non-compliant types. I don't know - maybe it's just me.

As usual - I got a kick out of the post!

Blogger Major Bedhead said...

I would have slapped her and THEN walked out. That's inexcusable. If a patient tells you they're feeling down, you don't laugh, you bonehead. Jesus, even I know that, I didn't go to med school. Or even spend much time in college.

It's definitely time for a new one.

Blogger Minnesota Nice said...

I don't have a lot of experience with endo's, even though I've taken insulin for 32 years. I go to an internist who is merely a technician and looks at me like a bunch of numbers on a piece of paper.
- I have to ask for an A1C, otherwise he forgets.
- When I show him my logbook, he takes a red pen and circles all readings that are off target, says nothing, and hands it back to me. (I have a fabulous set of German colored pencils at home - I could do as well.)
- Sometimes I order written copies of the clinic notes, just to see what he says. He always put down, "patient feels good", when that was not true at all. When I confronted him about this, he replied, "well, if you have no complaints up front, we always 'default' and assume you feel good".

I guess maybe that's what I should do each day when I get up - default to feeling good. Might not be a bad idea after all.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems to me that 90-99% of all diabetics whor are REALLY trying are completely dissatisfied with their endo. ME too, although this is the best I have had in a long time. Tell me, what does that mean. This is really disgusting. I would say - yes find a new one - but HOW do you find a good one. What is the point of changing if the next will be no better. And as Scott mentioned it is such a big exercise! As you point out, there are always some pluses. But really I am fed up - that SO MANY of us are struggling and getting so little help. No wonder we give up.......... YES, you should change, but don't ask me how to find a good one. That is the big question! The laugh really kills me. A little empathy wouldn't hurt anyone!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

anyone ANYONE who laughs when you say you're depressed should be put in a headlock immediately. this made me so angry. add to it the fact that she said it to someone who's practically the second brother i never had, and this woman is LUCKY i'm not on a plan to DC right this minute.

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