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As in: 9.8 m/s2 of force... constantly being exerted on us... day in and and day out... even when we shower. It's kinda nice, really. It keeps our feet on the ground, makes water run downhill, ocassionally makes one fall down, but then again, it also allows one to juggle things.

This relatively weak force, however, was obviously not a design concern when manufacturing the little waterproof pouches that I'm supposed to stick my CGMS System Gold into while showering.

Here's the basic design: There's a strap at the top (although the strap must first be undone by some convoluted perferations and doesn't create a nice smooth strap in the traditional sense -- no more like a bunch of kinked strips of plastic that resembles a strap (if you use your imagination)). Attached to this make-shift strap is a plastic compartment with the opening into which you insert the CGMS monitor located (for your convenience, I'm sure) ON THE BOTTOM. I'll repeat that: the opening to the pouch is ON THE BOTTOM. I really don't know much about the history of the purse, but I'm sure it's long, varied, and probably even mildly interesting. So why on Earth would anyone mess with such a basic, well-tested design?

Not only that, the opening to the pouch (located ON THE BOTTOM) is to be sealed with an adhesive
She Said
"You can use the bag multiple times. The adhesive is strong. But we'll give you three of these little bags just in case."
, not the traditional "zip" that we've come to expect (and love) from zip-lock bags.

So I stick my monitor in this bag, and rather than hanging it around my neck (which is how the Minimed rep suggested I do it (which kind of reminded me of a stewardess showing passengers how to inflate the pfd (personal floatation device) located under their seats in case of an emergency)), I hung it on the shampoo/soap rack hanging over the shower nozzle. I was pleased that there was a little hook even conveniently located for me to hang this shower purse with the opening on the bottom.

Things were going pretty well (for a while) but then in the middle of washing my hair, the damn thing broke free from the "strong" adhesive closure AT THE BOTTOM of the bag and slammed onto the shower floor.

I am cursing.

I am getting shampoo in my eyes.

I am quickly picking up the monitor.

I am dangling it out of the shower stream.

I am trying to dangle it at an angle so I'm not running water from my hand directly over it.

I am trying to rinse the rest of the shampoo out of my hair with my other hand.

I am not pleased.

I don't know what contraption I'm going to come up with for tomorrow's shower, but it sure-as-hell isn't going to be what I was given.

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Blogger Scott K. Johnson said...

It's almost like they never really thought about how an actual person would really wear something like this...

Blogger Lyrehca said...

I hear you. I wore a continuous glucose monitor for a week back in June and had the same thing happen. Weirdly, I did a similar run with the same machine about three years ago and the bag never broke open in the shower that way.

I just used double-sided tape to close the plastic bag when I took showers and then cut it open to take the monitor out. And I was glad to give up the monitor after a week.

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