It's Outta My Hands (err...Fingers?)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006 | 4 comment(s)

(i.e., the blood is with the lab now).

Now, it’s just a matter of waiting for the results. I’m very hopeful that I’ll hit my A1c target this time around. (And let me tell ya: I’ll be dancing a jig if I do, and crying to fugues if I don’t).

I’ve been working my ass off to get my levels as low as possible, and I really want to see that the effort is worth it. I’ve gone through basal tests, I’ve been eating almost the exact same breakfast and lunch everyday during the week, I test my blood sugar 12-20 times per day (but I’ve been doing that for years, now), I’ve been taking meticulous notes and keeping detailed logs, I've become acquainted
Honesty is the Best Policy
I was tempted to write "reacquainted" there, but to be honest, I have NEVER measured my food or kept track of the quantities of what I was putting in my mouth.
with measuring cups, measuring spoons, and food scales, I’ve started a blog,
Don’tcha think?
Starting a blog should lower one’s A1c, shouldn’t it?
I’ve been biking to work 2-3 times per week (and throwing in a few longer rides just for the hell of it), I’ve lost weight. In summary: I've been a "good diabetic" (honest). Oh, this better work.

I kind of get this feeling like I want to cut loose on my management for a few days after I have my blood drawn. Leading up to the trip to the phlebotomist I want to have my control as tight as possible (almost like I’m cramming for an exam). And then afterwards, I want to celebrate.
Go ahead, kid
Have that ice cream sundae, it’s unlikely to affect your next A1c reading at all.

I know it’s dumb, because I know the A1c isn’t the real test. The real test is everyday.

4 Comment(s):

Blogger Scott K. Johnson said...

Yes, starting a blog should definitely lower your A1C. No doubt about it.

It sounds like your A1C should be pretty good - just based on all the work you've invested in it.

Is the level of work you've done something you feel you can keep up long term?

We're all anxious to hear about the results too - when do you expect to hear?

Blogger Kevin said...

Can I keep it up for the long term? Hmmm, good question. There are two things I know: 1) I want to be healthy in the long term, and 2) I can certainly keep up the effort in the short term ("Heck, I can do this for another week"). And if I keep stringing those weeks together, well... we'll just see. I've got a good feeling about this, though.

I have my appointment with my endo at the end of next week. I'm hoping the lab will have the results in to her by then (though I may be cutting it close).

I'll keep you posted.

(And for the record, I ate a Baby Ruth candy bar yesterday afternoon, AND had some ice cream after dinner, AND (and this is really the best part) my average blood sugar yesterday was 97(!) with a peak at 163 after breakfast (but two lows later in the day to pull the average down). Talk about something to celebrate!)

Blogger Flmgodog said...

Nice job on all the changes. I wish I could be that devoted. I would have had pizza, ice cream, candy bar, some fruit punch, anything carb related I could after all that work. Even if only for a few hours.
What the heck takes your endo's office so long. I live in a place where their are few endo's and they still manage to have the five minute test.
Congrats on the hard work and good luck keeping it up!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

For those of us that just cruise through life with all system on auto pilot, Kevin's oddessy is inspiring and revealing. I appreciate my auto mechanism ever so much through better understanding his courage.

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